The ministry exists with the goal of communicating the love of Christ to the children of the world. We deliver safe, fun, interactive and educative sessions to all our children. We Have activities all year round like;

1. Center days,

2. Child development program/sponsorship,




Our Music is offered to facilitate the worship of our God, which you cannot get anywhere else.


The TUSINZE team, therefore, introduces the person to what worshipping in Spirit and truth is and invites the person into the presences of the one that transforms us. Come and see that the lord is good!.


Through the excellence of our worship, we invite the person to behold the one that makes the universe to function.


Faith Mutagubya

No matter where you come from, your age, background or what stage in life you are, The City Church women's ministry is the place where all ladies belong.


We want to meet you right where they are and walk alongside you - encouraging, supporting, praying and equipping you to be the woman God created you to be.


We have a variety of women's groups to suit different needs and stages in life. Tell us a bit about you and let us recommend the best one for you. 


You have to agree that there is not enough information on how to be a Man of God. We also know that it has to change. 


Spend some time with fellow men, sharpening one another, spurring each other on this journey to be better fathers, husbands, friends, and men. 


We have a variety of Men's Groups, tell us a bit about you and we shall recommend a men's group just for you.

Pr. Alex Mutagubya


First impressions stick much more than anything else! Become part of this amazing team to;

a. Clean and setup (White Gloves),

b. Greeters at all entrances,

c. Security and Parking, and

d. Ushers (Seaters). 


A Place Where You Come & Feel Welcome,

Stay And Keep Growing,

Go and Reach Out


+256 705 491 250


P.O Box 72511
Kampala Uganda

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