ICYMI: Chris Pratt Did The Daniel Fast and You Can Still Do It Too.

You know him from hit movies like Jurassic Park and Marvels Guardians of the galaxy, but actor Chris Pratt has also come to be know for not being shy about sharing his faith, like this time, shortly after his engagement to his girlfriend Katherine.

His most recent sharing is during his appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his upcoming Lego movie. He talked about his recently concluded Daniel Fast, based on the book of Daniel.

As the religious Guardians of the Galaxy actor explains, the fast lasts 21 days and is inspired by the Biblical Daniel, who in the Old Testament went 21 days consuming just vegetables and water. Fasters are limited to an extremely restrictive diet consisting only of “foods grown from the seed” and water. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy oils, and whole grains are allowed, but no animal products, dairy, or solid fats are permitted.

Coupled with exercise of course the Daniel Fast can help you get to your weight goals for 2019, but even more importantly because in involves prayer too, can help you get closer to God. Its not too late to start.


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