Movie Review: Captain Marvel

Marvel Studios released their latest, highly anticipated block buster in their Marvel cinematic universe, Captain Marvel. Depending on who you ask, some people liked it a lot. Some people didn’t. What we know though is that its racked up A LOT of money, but that's not the review we are here to give. Small backstory, hopefully without spoiling too much. CAPTAIN MARVEL is a superhero movie about a woman with special powers who fights against a race of alien shapeshifters trying to destroy Earth.

Overall, CAPTAIN MARVEL is a well-made movie, with plenty of jokes and excitement along the way. This movie ties in the franchise quite well, delivering some hope to the upcoming movies. For Marvel fans, there are nice little touches of character development that correlates with the other movies along with a touching tribute to the late Stan Lee.

It presents, strongly, values of family, sacrifice and fighting for what is right regardless of the personal cost. It has foul language, no sex and an implication of nudity. By many standards a good movie to watch with your young teenagers. The violence might however be too much for younger audiences.


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