Movie Review: What Men Want

WHAT MEN WANT is an R-rated movie. That should tell you everything you need to know. But just in case, here is our review of the remake of the 2000 Mel Gibsons 'What Women Want.' The movie features Teraji P Henson acts as Ali Davis, a black female sports agent who is granted a wish, in unexpected ways, to relate better to men so she can become a partner at the agency where she works.

Unlike the Mel Gibson movie, WHAT MEN WANT has a hard R rating for strong, excessive objectionable content. Thus, it has a very strong mixed pagan worldview with strong hedonistic/immoral behavior that’s not always rebuked and sometimes even lauded. And even the few faith oriented thematic areas are also diluted by non-Christian and anti-Christian content. For example, one of her friends is a white woman who superficially touts her Christian faith. She’s a bit of a phony, though perhaps a sincere one. The movie is marred by lots of foul language, including many “f” words and crude sexual references and nudity.

If you are a strong believer that what goes in affects what comes out, the WHAT MEN WANT isn't worth spending your money on.


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