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These are church-devotional groups centering on the regular gathering of these tables every Thursday of the week to share, Small group ministries are often called cell groups.

A Note From Pr. J

According to Matthew 28:19 – 20, the Church mandate is to disciple nations.  Jesus did this when he called Peter, John, James, Matthew and other disciples.  He hanged out with them at his house or at their homes, shared the mundane and the profound. When he left to go to heaven it was to them that he handed over the Church.


At The City Church, Luzira, we disciple nations through the discipleship pathway which has many stages. One of which is through weekly home meetings we have called “Tables”.  Each member of the church belongs to one as a means of being involved.  In these groups, we discuss the last Sunday’s sermon by looking at what each member learnt and how they are going to apply it in their daily walk of being a Christian. The table meetings are structured in such a way that there is time for communion with the Father through prayer, praise and worship, community with each other by sharing our lives including; the good, the bad and the ugly and we connect with the world by taking the good news to them.

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